January 6, 2022

Women of a certain age…

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This is my sixteen-year-old son, and he is a “Menopause Guru”

My son and I were watching TV and a programme came on about the menopause and instead on running for cover to his PlayStation he asked me did I have it (like it was catching) and he asked what exactly it was? After a biology lesson (my best effort) he then asked me the question that he needed to know…

‘What does it feel like for you?’… It’s a simple question and it instigated a conversation that became easier as we talked more. When did we stop asking the questions that really matter?

Supporting women in work who are going through the menopause takes a lot more than downloading a policy, it is about the culture you create in your business to engage with, understand and listen with compassion. Coaching for understanding the menopause and having great conversations will lead to higher employee engagement, retaining experience and talent and image how your customers would feel about doing business with you?