Ocean Breeze

Nicola Weaver
HR Manager

"At Groundsure, we're dedicated to putting women's health first, especially during the menopausal phase of life. Recognising the importance of supporting employees through this transition, we asked Ali to deliver Menopause Champion training at our offices. This comprehensive training addressed roles and responsibilities of both employers and employees in managing menopause in the workplace. We explored various menopausal symptoms and ways to lessen their effect, along with strategies that can support this significant life stage.

Thanks to Ali's guidance, we now have a diverse team of male and female Menopause Champions within our workplace. Our champions are in the initial stages of developing a Menopause Policy, in line with our dedication to creating a supportive workplace for everyone."

The Purple Turtle Team, Brighton
"Ali was the Top Guest Speaker at our recent Indian Head Massage Community Seminar 2024 delivering a menopause workshop to our therapists. The talk was so useful and gained a 10/10 in feedback from our delegates. Ali has a personal approachable delivery which made the information accessible to all our delegates. She answered all the questions and gave further information on reading and research. A really great talk all round and a valuable insight into women’s health."

Head of Income Generation & Comms

Income Generation & Communications | Off The Fence Trust

Resisting Poverty. Empowering People. Restoring Hope.

"Off the Fence with our Women's Centre in Portslade, Gateway, invited Ali Booth of Ocean Breeze Wellness to come in and provide training on the Menopause and the workplace on the 7th March 2023.

  • The session was well attended by 75%+ of our staff including men and women.
  • The talk was powerfully delivered, included personal stories and experiences and was therefore very relatable.
  • The slide presentation was informative, well set out and easy to absorb.
  • Ali was kind enough later to forward a virtual handout of the key slides

All in all, it was an enjoyable, insightful talk, packed full of detail and brilliantly delivered. The response from our staff (women and men) was very positive and Ali kindly stayed behind to ask all the questions raised. If you haven't already had this discussion in your company, get more women into the boardroom and get the conversation going!"

Finance Manager

"As part of our celebration of Women’s Month (March) we wanted to bring awareness to our workplace on the effects of Menopause, so we invited Ali to one of our lunch and learn sessions where she presented an informative and eye-opening session on the possible effects of peri-menopause and the menopause.

Ali shared ‘her personal story’ which was a great way to open, making it an easy and open discussion later on in the session for others to share some of theirs. We have had great feedback from those that attended saying this was Insightful, Informative & helpful, some a little shocked at how many possible symptoms there are and the range in severity. Many questions were raised during the session, most of which Ali was able to respond to straight away and others were answered later and shared with the group.

With diversity and wellbeing high on our agenda this was a great discussion, as we continue to improve an open and inclusive culture within the workplace.

Thank you Ali for getting us all talking so openly about a subject that has been ‘in the dark’ for far too long"

Team Manager - Northants
"As someone who struggles to see their strengths and talk positively about themselves, having a job interview for a promotion to Team Leader, in which I had to talk about myself and those strengths was terrifying. Ali helped to make it possible, she not only helped me focus on the real objective at hand but she provided ways to answer tricky and challenging questions as well as how to keep my nerves at bay. She also provided insight into things that were potentially holding me back. Ali is one of the most encouraging people I have met. Her life experiences, coupled with what I know to be a true desire to see me succeed is what makes her fantastic at her job. Thank you Ali for your guidance, encouragement and support."
Secondary School in Lancing
"The session given by Ali was very well received by our staff. They found it informative and helpful, with real life examples, and they appreciated the useful links to external resources, specialist organisations and self-help tips. Ali gave practical advice to our managers on how to broach this sensitive topic in a supportive way with relevant staff in their teams. We will be recommending this training to other schools in our Trust."
CEO Homeless charity

"On the 7th March Ali came to our Centre to deliver a brilliant talk on Menopause and the Workplace.

The reception our 17 staff gave her was very positive, with many (including the blokes) saying how much they had learned.

If you haven't asked Ali to visit your workplace and talk to your staff, do it quickly before she becomes an out of reach celebrity!"

Secondary school - Worthing
"Ali provided a really informative session that allowed us to discuss the potential symptoms of the menopause without negativity or fearmongering. She was very open and shared her personal story which made it easier for the group to feel we could also talk openly about our own experiences and concerns. Together, we discussed what we would want to see in our organisation to create a culture of openness and honesty about the reproductive health of women. A really helpful and empowering meeting."
Menopause workshop March 2023
"Ali delivered a really helpful session on Menopause to my workplace today - thanks Ali! I really appreciated how friendly, approachable and honest you were."