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I have extensive generalist experience in HR consultancy and HR Management, as well as a leader in Business Management. My background in a variety of Corporates has exposed me to cultures across the world and I do not think there are many people scenarios I have not come across. I am proud to say that the performance and the wellbeing plans that I put in place when I took on a leadership role in my last role signifantly reduced employee absences, improved retention performance and increased engagement across all of my teams for which I won awards for.

If any of your clients are interested in the services I can provide I can offer them a complimentary chat through what their challenges are around managing people in the organisation. I cover a wide range of services from recruitment and retention plans, reward and recognition schemes, engagement plans or mental health and wellbeing plans to support employees. I am particularly passionate about helping employers to support women’s menopause health in the work place as this is having a significant impact on Businesses and the women who work in them. The impacts are high absences, experienced women leaving their jobs and employers being vulnerable to costly employment tribunals where no support is provided.

Team Manager - Northants
"As someone who struggles to see their strengths and talk positively about themselves, having a job interview for a promotion to Team Leader, in which I had to talk about myself and those strengths was terrifying. Ali helped to make it possible, she not only helped me focus on the real objective at hand but she provided ways to answer tricky and challenging questions as well as how to keep my nerves at bay. She also provided insight into things that were potentially holding me back. Ali is one of the most encouraging people I have met. Her life experiences, coupled with what I know to be a true desire to see me succeed is what makes her fantastic at her job. Thank you Ali for your guidance, encouragement and support."
(Martin Luther King)
You don't have to see the whole staircase to take the first step...
How does it work?
I work on a consultancy basis as I do not believe one size fits all for every organisation and It is really a case of establishing the root cause of what is not working for a Business in relation to the employee cycle. Understanding a business culture is important to finding a solution which fits with their customers, and with the people within that organisation. If a business is underperforming, or retention rates are low, if customer complaints are on the increase it is likely despite external factors the root cause will come back to something missing with the development, engagement or support of the employees. Strategic people plans are critical to improving over all company performance and that is where my experience and skill set can really add value to a business.
Here are some examples of the challenges a business may be facing which are resulting in lost profits to which I can offer solutions to:

Finding it difficult to recruit and attract the right/diverse employees to support business growth. People are leaving an organisation in the first 6/12 months of joining.

Under performing teams. Reward or incentive schemes that do not motivate the right behaviours or increase sales performance. 

High long term or short term employee absence rates. 

Not currently providing structured support for employee Mental health or Women’s menopause health.

Hybrid working has reduced employee engagement.

A large number of employee complaints/internal conflict/grievances or employment tribunals claims.