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Group sessions
Menopause workshops

Our sessions are designed to help leaders in SMEs & Corporates to build & implement employee well-being plans to ensure that all employees are supported in the workplace when it comes to their mental health.

If leaders do not have a set of policies and plans and culture in place to support their employee's mental health and wellbeing throughout every stage of their lives then they will risk losing talent from their business, losing profit due to high absenteeism, have a higher risk of discrimination claims as well as low employee and customer engagement.

We cover a range of topics, raising an awareness of symptoms to why menopause is an important business issue and its effects on employees. Understanding the risks of discrimination, case studies and workplace adjustments. Culminating in action plans for Leaders for the implementation of culture changes.

Look after the people who take care of your customers
Lower employee stress & burnout
Reduce absenteeism
Improve employee attrition rates
Support employee’s physical & mental health
Increase employee & customer engagement
Leadership workshops
Employee wellbeing presentations
Mental health awareness workshops
Women’s menopause awareness training
Secondary school - Worthing
"Ali provided a really informative session that allowed us to discuss the potential symptoms of the menopause without negativity or fearmongering. She was very open and shared her personal story which made it easier for the group to feel we could also talk openly about our own experiences and concerns. Together, we discussed what we would want to see in our organisation to create a culture of openness and honesty about the reproductive health of women. A really helpful and empowering meeting."
(Martin Luther King)
You don't have to see the whole staircase to take the first step...
Confidential leadership consultation

Working with business leaders, I look for what matters most to them and their people, I help them to shift unhelpful mindsets and patterns of behaviour enabling them to make the changes that will bring about the biggest rewards.

If you are unable to see past the storm clouds and cannot see a way to make the changes that you need to. I can provide you with clarity and a fresh perspective to challenge your thinking or your mindset on how to make positive changes to your culture.

Explore how you can improve your own performance.
Secure the role/move to a career you have always dreamed of doing - even if you feel afraid or frustrated.
Dealing with thought patterns or mindset blocks that you feel you cannot discuss with anyone you work with.
Put actions in place for when you recognise that you are burning out and how to deal with that.
Book a free 30 min discovery call; take a breath, put on your comfy shoes and take a virtual walk or drive by at the beach with me and I will guide you every step of the way.