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Employee well being plans are so important to helping Businesses to meet demanding growth plans, reduce absence levels, avoid discrimination, increase customer market share and to be an employer of choice. Most importantly to give employees the best work experience and support through the difficult and challenging times in their lives.
My values
Compassion, honesty, openness, fairness and inclusion​
Ali Booth
Ali is a highly experienced HR consultant, Business leader and Director of Ocean Breeze Wellbeing and a member of the West Sussex Mind Diversity and Inclusion panel.  She is an advocate for menopause awareness and has a passion for promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Ali is a trusted expert in supporting organisations in navigating the complex challenges associated with the menopause.

Ali’s expertise in the area is born not only from her professional experience but also from her personal experience. Ali understands first-hand the challenges and struggles that perimenopausal and menopausal women face in the workplace.  She experienced some debilitating effects of perimenopause not even realising she was in this stage of her life for some 18 months from when they first appeared.  At worst she suffered chronic migraines, anxiety, and vertigo.  This had an impact on both her mental and physical health.  Menopause came at a time when she was balancing the care of 2 teenage children a demanding job and supporting her own son’s mental health challenges as well.

She lost her confidence, her sense of self-worth and faced a wall of silence from those around her. When she eventually received a diagnosis of vestibular migraines a condition associated with menopause low oestrogen levels, she found there was a significant lack of accessible information and support for women in her situation.

Through self-education and discovering the best support resources, Ali managed to overcome this difficult stage of her life, she left her job and set about building Ocean Breeze wellbeing, the mission and focus to change the conversation in the workplace on women’s health.  Ocean Breeze Wellbeing provide a variety of workshops, training and wellbeing presentations delivered to schools and employers helping them to create a more inclusive and supportive culture for their employees.

Ali’s passion for empowering women shines through in her work and she actively collaborates with other professionals in her field as well as medical health professionals to raise awareness about menopause and its impact on women’s physical and mental well-being. By fostering open and honest conversations she helps organisations and schools to develop policies and practices that prioritise the needs and comfort of menopausal employees, ensuring a happier and more productive workforce. Her approach goes beyond simply providing information she focuses on fostering empathy, understanding through honest conversations with organisations to find solutions and options that best serve their employees and address the unique needs of menopausal individuals.

Her experience, expertise and compassionate approach makes her an invaluable asset for any organisation seeking to create a supportive and inclusive work environment.  Her mission is to eradicate the stigma surrounding menopause, empower individuals and the subject of women’s health is brought out into the open as a normal and supportive discussion like any other employee health challenge.
Clarity is not found through intellect but experienced in stillness...
My Story

Hi I am Ali and I live with my two teenage children by the sea in Brighton. During my life so far I have had all kinds of experiences good and great, sad and terrifying as well as some unexpected curveballs, all of which contribute to the person I am today.

I am not alone in having experienced my fair share of crisis and trauma. I am not alone in having been overcome at work and not taking care good care of myself. However, I am forever the optimist and I do not dwell on what I cannot control and I have always tried to take the positives from the experiences I have gone through. I face what is not comfortable, I make changes and I keep moving in the direction I want to go. My children have taught me a lot about being a parent and seeing things through their eyes sometimes gives me the greatest clarity.

The most valuable attribute that I can offer to my clients is drawing insights from my own experiences, not only from my own personal life but from my experiences of working as a senior HR and Business leader. In these roles I have had to overcome some very difficult and challenging people situations. Through learned experience I fully understand the unnecessary costly mistakes that leaders or businesses can make, much of which is preventable with right and fair people focus and strategy. I bring these valuable insights and learnt skills into my coaching to help others make self realisation discoveries to overcome difficult business and people challenges.

​​My experience as a leader has opened my eyes to see that there is always another side to the story, there are always reasons why people behave as they do and there is definitely no one size fits all. I know how a conversation held in the right way can have such positive impact, as one held in the wrong way can have huge negative impacts. Seeing your business through someone else's eyes or getting another perspective can help you grow as a leader or grow your business.

I have built many successful high performing teams and I can confidently say that in the right environment and with the right support, nurturing, and recognition anyone can grow and can become a better version of themselves.