February 6, 2022

What does it feel like for someone who has Social Anxiety? Why should you employ them?

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I never knew much about anxiety until I learnt about it…

My son has a very high IQ, his ability to empathise is a real gift, he’s kind, funny and he is curious, and he shows great work ethic. He should not have an issue getting a job when he leaves school.

So why do I worry so much that he will?

It is because he has battled with social anxiety most of his teenage life. It is debilitating at times; he was bullied at school which triggered it and he has many demons that he fights on a daily basis. I need not be so worried, I have learnt about it, when he feels safe and heard it is not an issue. He can control it and he really does have a lot to offer prospective employers.

10 reason why you should employ someone who has Anxiety:

1. They are often perfectionists – they are into the detail

2. They can often connect with others who have anxiety

3. People who suffer with anxiety often put extra effort into tasks

4. They are often more empathetic

5. They often have great leadership skills as they take careful consideration of the possibility of multiple outcomes

6. They are often critical thinkers

7. They often have a plan B

8. They are less impulsive

9. They are often sensitive and loving

10. They often have a great work ethic

Check the culture in your organisation? Are you supporting mental Health and wellbeing in your business?

How do you know when you have a culture that supports Mental Health?

So how do you create an employee mental health support culture?

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