July 21, 2022

Can you name 7 facts about the people who work for you?

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Meet Crab…

I was looking for photos for my website and I came across this photo which my daughter took on Worthing beach. I have to say I was more drawn to sunset and the reflection on the water than the crab. It’s just a crab right! Not very cuddly or cute and a bit pinchy if you get too near it’s claws.

So It got me curious about crabs, did you know for example:

  • Crabs are decapods (meaning they have 10 legs)
  • Crabs are super old they showed up 200 million years ago!
  • Their average life span is 3-4 years
  • Crabs walk and swim sideways.
  • Groups of crabs who live together are known as casts
  • Baby crabs are called hatchlings
  • One of the most colourful crabs is called a Sally Lightfoot crab!

The facts go on but I know a bit more about crabs than I did before and so do you if you have read this far!

Get to know the crabs around you I say and I officially name this one Char Char after the photographer!